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School Site Visits


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The following programs will be available for School Site Visits. Please make your selection and enter your choice on the conference registration form. (E.g. #1 Spanish Immersion Program)

Wednesday, March 23, 2016 7:30 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.
(Returning at various times)

#1 Spanish Immersion Program - 90:10

Spanish Immersion offers a unique educational experience, bringing together native English speaking and native Spanish speaking students to become bilingual and bil-iterate. The program follows the 90:10 model. Ninety percent of the academic instruc-tion in kindergarten is in Spanish, with ten percent of the day in English. Each year, the percentage of English instruction increases while the percentage of Spanish instruction decreases until fourth grade, where 50% of the instruction is in English and 50% of the instruction is in Spanish. Come visit this California Distinguished School.

#2 Bilingual Program Model

The CABE 2016 Seal of Excellence was awarded to this Bilingual Program. The award winning SEAL (Sobrato Early Academic Language) model can be seen in the Prek-3rd grade classrooms. This bilingual school was the first school to pilot the SEAL Model and has exceeded expectations impacting English Learners as never before. The Bilingual Program strongly promotes biliteracy and contains a Structured English Immersion strand. School data reflects great growth and success for ELs.

#3 Structured English Instruction with a Project-Based Learning Program

This program highlights Project Based Learning in a structured English Instruction program. Students participate in an extended process of inquiry in response to a complex question, problem or challenge. Rigorous, standards based projects are carefully planned, managed, and assessed to help students learn key academic content, practice 21st Century Skills and create high quality authentic products and presentations. Special Day Class classrooms also successfully utilize a PBL curriculum.

#4 Dual Language Learner Pre-Kindergarten (Cantonese and Spanish) and Transitional Kindergarten (Spanish)

The Dual Language Learner Pre-Kindergarten and Transitional Kindergarten Pathways located at Early Education sites are designed to ensure both English Learners and English proficient students develop high levels of English and pathway language proficiency and literacy, as well as academic competency. Instruction occurs approximately 70% of the time in Cantonese and 80% of the time in Spanish in each respective pathway.

#5 Dual Language Immersion Pathway (Choose 5a Cantonese, 5b-Korean,
5c-Mandarin, 5d-Spanish)

The Dual Language Immersion Pathway is designed to ensure both English Learners and English proficient students develop high levels of English and pathway lan-guage proficiency and literacy, as well as academic competency. In kindergarten, instruction will occur approximately 80% of the time in the pathway language. By fifth grade, 50% of instruction is in English and 50% of instruction is in the path-way language. At the secondary level, the elementary Dual Language Immersion and Biliteracy Pathways merge into the Secondary Dual Language Pathway.

#6 Biliteracy Pathway (Choose 6a-Cantonese, 6b-Spanish)

The Biliteracy Pathway is designed to ensure English Learners develop high levels of English and home language proficiency as well as high levels of academic com-petency. For Spanish, in kindergarten and 1st grade, the target language is used for approximately 50 - 80% of the instruction. Instruction in English increases each year. By the 5th grade, instruction is at least 50% in English. For Cantonese, a non-alphabetic language, the primary language is used for 50% of the instruction.

#7 Foreign Language in the Elementary School (Japanese)

Students in a FLES Pathway develop competency in a second language in addi-tion to becoming fully proficient in English. Instruction in the target language may vary from 30 to 60 minutes per day, three to five days-per-week and is delivered by a language-proficient classroom teacher or a dedicated language-proficient instructor. The curriculum is standards-based and reinforces concepts taught in math, science, and/or social studies. The curriculum integrates the target language and its cultures to promote meaningful communication.

#8 Newcomer Pathway (Choose 8a-Chinese, 8b-Spanish)

The Newcomer Pathway is designed to help recently arrived immigrant English Learner students adjust to their new language and culture before entering a language pathway or English Plus Pathway. The curriculum includes transition support and primary language instruction or support (when available) in academic areas at grade level. In addition to academic support, Newcomers have access to resources and referrals to student support services, i.e. physical and mental health, housing, and legal services.